The Freedom Manifesto: How to Create and Live Your Best Life as a BIPOC in America

As we approach a new era in human history, we are collectively unearthing the essence of our identity. We are creating a narrative that sheds past traumas, embraces future possibilities, and celebrates our interconnectedness. In this process, a fresh way of identification emerges — AfriKin. This fusion of “Africa” and “kinship” is a reminder of our shared African origins, characteristics, and values, while recognizing the inherent diversity within our communities. It presents an invitation to a new way of being and seeing, leading us towards a more unified and loving society.

AfriKin: A New Way of Being. A New Manner of Seeing

At the heart of AfriKin is the imperative need for universal love — a unifying force that propels us forward. It invites us to do the internal work necessary to dismantle barriers, fostering self-respect and respect for others. It represents a melting pot of ethnicities and identities, providing a unifying platform that acknowledges our indigenous past while marching towards an expansive future.

AfriKin seeks to advance human justice through the arts and education, challenging us to redefine how we view ourselves and the world around us. We stand at a critical juncture, facing accelerating ecological decline and the persistence of inhumanity among us. AfriKin acts as the beacon of hope that guides us through these crossroads towards a sustainable, equitable future.

Love as a Guiding Force

In the realm of AfriKin, love transcends identity politics and social constructs, nurturing a new way of being. As sociolinguist Lauren Hall-Lew noted, language reflects relationships. Words take on the emotional context in which they are used. When we let love guide our speech and actions, the negativity associated with some labels can transform into positive identifiers that reflect mutual respect and understanding.

Education for Self-Actualization and Citizenship

AfriKin calls for a reeducation of our origins to counter the narratives that dehumanize people of African origin. This process helps our young people self-actualize and provides a cultural pedagogy that teaches the tenets of citizenship. It advocates for functioning like a hive — transferring this functionality to diasporic, indigenous continental African cultures. AfriKin becomes a salve that heals the wound left by misrepresentation and misunderstanding.

AfriKin: A Global Identity

Recognizing our monogenetic origin from the African continent, AfriKin helps the world understand that we are all connected. This perspective shifts our vision beyond the continent and the diaspora, urging us to see ourselves as part of global Africa. We are all, in essence, AfriKin.

In this journey towards AfriKin, several pertinent questions arise:

How do we define our identity?

How do we uphold our values?

How can we ensure our culture and legacy are preserved and passed down?

How can we apply the wisdom of our ancestors to build complex, inclusive societies?

These questions guide us in our quest for self-discovery and community building, keeping us anchored in our roots as we take progressive steps towards the future.

In conclusion, AfriKin presents a path towards a united world. It bridges the divide across ethnic lines, promoting a kinship rooted in our shared origins.

It is a reminder that culture is about action – the deeds that reflect our values and beliefs. AfriKin aligns with the vision of Marcus Garvey, celebrating “Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad.” It is a call to action, a call for unity, a call for love. It is the essence of who we are — and who we can become.

Remember either freedom for everyone or freedom fails, you are AfriKin.


Planning to fail, or failing to plan?

Estate planning. Insurance needs. Living Trust. Beneficiaries. It’s a lot.

Estate planning. Insurance needs. Living Trust. Beneficiaries. It’s a lot.

It can all seem overwhelming but it’s better to get it out of the way, and make the necessary changes to your “plan b” as you go. Life is what’s happening while we are planning, however, it’s not the plan that fails us, but us failing to plan that hurts the most, and what is more important than planning to protect your legacy?

How many years of your energy did you commit to projects, occupations, professions, and careers. Imagine all that hard work, and simply not doing the necessary planning to pass on those assets, or benefits to your family in their time of need. Do you have more than debt to pass on to your family? Have you planned for the unexpected? Do you want the state to take possession of your intrinsic, and tangible goods? Would you want your kids going into the custody of the state or someone who’s values didn’t align with yours?

Need help getting started? Then we should talk.

Understand that the basic component to a good estate plan is to do it as early in life as possible. An estate is simply put, all of your stuff and it’s estimated or appraised value. A good example of an estate is an insurance policy. It states who the policy owner is, a creator/grantor, and a sum of money to be paid out to listed beneficiaries, but please understand insurance is not a solution for all financial needs, and it certainly is not an investment (but that is a topic for another discussion).

Forming a trust is another important element to those that may want to retain privacy, avoid probate court, avoid the long process of the state getting involved with your affairs, and nasty third party debt collectors from bothering the beneficiaries of the trust. Your trust should be updated annually and you should talk to a tax professional to help you, but know that a trust also reduces some estate related taxes, or helps avoid a hefty fee for administration of the estate by your state court.

Beneficiaries of the trust are the individuals you list to receive any portion of your estate to, and when you want them to receive assets may also be detailed in your trust documents. If you have any life insurance policies, listing your trust as a beneficiary may have greater advantages to protecting identities, or assets being paid out to beneficiaries.

In the meanwhile, DM to discuss your options or for details and assistance today. Don’t lose anymore time or value.

Best regards,

Prince El

Wellness Coach | DAOM | Financial Planner

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Tell us your thoughts. Where do you hope to see AfriKin go? How do we move forward and evolve while holding onto the rich traditions that make us who we are?