View our Accomplishments below:

• AfriKin 2023 | AfriKin Intuition (Miami Beach, FL): 2023

• AfriKin 2023 | A Tribute to Women in Jazz (North Miami, FL): 2023

• AfriKin 2023 | Women Walk on Water (North Miami, FL): 2023

• AfriKin 2023 | The Gaze Africana (North Miami, FL): 2023

• AfriKin 2022 | The Beautyful Ones Are (Not Yet) Born (Miami, FL): 2022

• AfriKin 2022 | Safe Spaces Juneteenth Event (Opa-locka, FL): 2022

• AfriKin 2021 | AfriKin Art Fair (Miami Ironside, FL): 2021

• AfriKin 2021 | Black History Month (Virtual): 2021

• AfriKin 2020 | A New Way of Being (Virtual): 2020

• AfriKin 2019 | Love Is The Way Forward (Miami Beach, FL): 2019

• Mélange (Pompano Beach, FL): 2018

• AfriKin 2018 | Art Culture Community (Miami, FL): 2018

• AfriKin | Reggae Brunch (North Miami, FL): 2017

• AfriKin 2017 | Healing Our Nation (Miami, FL): 2017

• AfriKin 2016 | Launch (Miami, FL): 2016

• Art & Reason, Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA (North Miami, FL): 2015

• Nelson Mandela Day Denver (Denver, CO): 2014 – 2015

• Budweiser One Love Nutrifest (Miami, FL): 2012

• Miami Reggae Festival (Miami, FL): 2011 – 2021

• Bayside Rocks Festival (Miami, FL): 2010

• WBLS Reggae Music Fest (Long Island, NY): 2008 – 2009

• Reggae Carifest (New York, NY): 1998 – 2007



We have partnered with One Family Charitable Organization, an NGO in Sukuta, The Gambia empowering women, children and the vulnerable in their society. One Family Charitable Organization has a school that educates and feed over 30 children in their village daily. The school feeds all the students and teaches them Math, English, Arabic and History. Afrikin partners with the school by paying for meals, school supplies and donating books.



AfriKin benefited Give Me Dignity in 2016 and 2017, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). For more information, visit



AfriKin partnered with Project OKURASE in 2018, an NGO in Okurase, Ghana helping the people build their village with respect to their traditions by offering resources and expertise. Project OKURASE is positioning Okurase village as a teaching village, where people around the world can come to learn about solutions and share information globally.

Project OKURASE’s mission is carried out across 6 objectives that describe the vision of the village residents and leaders. Project OKURASE has a particular focus on women and orphans & vulnerable children across all 6 main objectives:

  • Safe water and sanitation
  • Health and nutrition
  • Economic self-sufficiency
  • Cultural exchange
  • Education and technology
  • Building the Nkabom Centre

For more information, visit




Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of AfriKin are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. For more information, visit