AfriKin Foundation addresses a host of high-priority global community goals, including key questions about this new world we are living in.

AfriKin creates a transitional space of affinity for intellectual exchange without barriers. This is a place where individuals are motivated by love to create a new way of being – a social practice of acknowledgment and recognition of our accountability to meet a standard of living according to the excelling way of love and how this relates to what humanity must become in order to survive.

AfriKin invites people to engage in conversations on how to invest in communities. This involves the contributions of effort, resources, time, finance and thought for development, growth, and problem-solving during this unprecedented time of systemic transition in a world facing crises.

Educators and facilitators are called upon to act as intercessors and participants in the developmental process of creating connection through forward-looking conversations, forums and workshops to galvanize, inform and motivate an emerging global culture re-defined as AfriKin – the fusion of two words (Africa the continent) and (Kinship sharing characteristics and/or origins) – originating from the same source-point and existing as brothers and sisters in human kin-ship. This kinship allows for harmonious and purposeful action toward peaceful solutions to complex problems and is beneficial for happiness and wellness.

AfriKin defines a combined, transcultural audience that engages an intergenerational, multi-national demographic, covering a full spectrum of ethnicities as a target niche connecting billions of people, globally. AfriKin, is also the cultural programming platform that is developing content to bring together distinctively an array of communities for experiences that can progressively educate and enrich participants.

As our plans shift in the wake of COVID-19, allow this to be a gentle reminder not of how but of why AfriKin’s expansive network reaches the most active diasporic communities – connecting individuals, families and professional groups together – while highlighting and unifying remarkable elements that the collective is rooted in. AfriKin embodies a standard of excellence that is responsive to those seeking the latest information on human expression and development.

AfriKin presents this new way of being as a path in contrast to the direction that the mainstream has been moving in. Interconnectivity allows for positive exchange and the sharing of knowledge and resources, graciously, as true contributors. Mutual empowerment encourages growth and the circulation of community resources. This is achieved through cultural interchange, educational discourse and focused content designed to enlighten and inform – putting new ideas into action. Let’s see what can be done together to make a difference! This is one big group project of internalized recognition with a view toward building a society that is actually worth living in. The question is … how can this be done?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparation for events that are unfolding in a changing and uncertain environment is wise. Focus must be placed on the inner development necessary for a metamorphosis to occur. Humans are seeking to become their better selves while learning to be courageous and enduring in the face of trials. In the consideration of the path to the extraordinary, there is time for contemplation of interviews with those who have been reshaped by their experiences and who are set in motion toward a new awareness and responsiveness. Passengers from various cultures and industries can tell their stories of advancement, forfeiture, growth, and progression – prologues – as historic backstories in an era of social transformation.

One of AfriKin’s greatest strengths comes from the distinctive lineup of presenters, artists, and luminaries who are highlighted during these events. “Once in a lifetime” conversations are manifested and shared with the world – and South Florida has always seen it live. As a vibrant exchange of channeled wisdom, we could experience those “in the moment” glimpses of history speaking truth. In looking back, the first AfriKin event was held on July 2nd, 2016 in Miami with consecutive annual events since its launch also has received numerous accolades for re-invigorating the creative process of celebrating culture and placing value on our global communities. Help us to continue to affect social and economic progress.

We are very happy to extend this invitation to you to donate at this pivotal time of social change. With your resources, AfriKin can demonstrate solidarity and love through an honest exchange of ideas, empowerment and encouragement through the arts, literacy and activism.

We have proven what we can do with AfriKin, now we are getting ready for the next steps and we need your support to make it happen! Please contact us at your earliest convenience regarding your willingness to support us.