Alfonso Brooks Founder AFRIKIN



I am Alfonso Brooks, a contemporary African and a visionary entrepreneur, deeply embedded in the business of culture. My mission? To magnify the resplendent image of Africa and its diaspora. The vast repository of information we have is not just for consumption; it’s the framing and the application that bestow it with power. I believe in fostering long-lasting relationships and honoring the immense contributions of diverse cultures to the world. Every day, I strive for self-betterment, rooted in truth, gratitude, and grace. My journey bears testament to these values.

As a descendant of the resilient enslaved Africans, I feel an unwavering duty to wield my voice, molding a transnational narrative that fosters social transformation. I envision a world where bridges of understanding transcend class and ethnic disparities. To reach this paradigm, confronting and overcoming implicit biases is non-negotiable. With the world witnessing unprecedented turmoil, passivity is not an option. Through AfriKin, an organization close to my heart, I seek to harness the power of art and African cultural experiences to bridge the chasm between individual aspirations and collective well-being.

My life story is painted with layers of generosity and service, underpinned by a relentless drive to alter an often bleak narrative. While the battle for human rights and social justice is arduous, progress is palpable. Overcoming centuries of systemic prejudice, we’re witnessing a narrative pivot from discrimination to a class and ethnic reality. AfriKin is my ode to this struggle, championing economic parity and universal freedom.

AfriKin isn’t just an initiative; it’s a testament to a transformative epoch in cultural history. Our ethos resonates with a generation reclaiming its identity, an identity unshackled from imposed perceptions. In assembling the dynamic #TeamLegendary, predominantly steered by women, it dawned upon us that we share a collective responsibility to champion positive narratives, dispelling deeply entrenched myths of superiority. We, humans, all trace our roots back to Africa. This shared origin binds us in an eternal kinship, making us all undeniably AfriKin.

In a world grappling with trauma and mental health challenges, the craving for nurturing environments and meaningful connections is palpable. For over two decades, I have orchestrated national and international events, marrying my promotional acumen with the technical intricacies of production. But, AfriKin transcends mere entertainment; it’s a movement. We aim to enlighten and empower a diverse audience, all in a quest for global harmony.

We may be dispersed, separated by vast terrains and waters, but we are inherently connected. Our global family, on a relentless quest for self-realization, is weaving a tapestry of change, forging a new era. In essence, we are AfriKin.

In my capacity as a cultural architect, I am eager to collaborate with you, advancing AfriKin’s mission to uplift and harmonize. Remember, oceans might separate us, but our shared Africanness cements our kinship.


Founder, AfriKin®