Alfonso Brooks Founder AFRIKIN


I am Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks, a contemporary African and social entrepreneur oriented in the business of culture, promoting a positive image of Africa and people of African origin. I operate from a space beyond the mind. Information is something accessible, how we frame and apply that information grants efficacy. I seek longevity in relationships and acknowledge all their greatness in their contributions to the world. I work on myself daily and am aware of my thoughts and actions. I am dedicated to the truth, a practitioner of gratitude and grace in all ways. Here is why…

I am a survivor and descendant of enslaved Africans, motivated to use my voice in the definition of a transnational framework to engage as a contributor and facilitator of social transformation. My work extends across both class and ethnic lines, providing the world with a vision of how much better it could be. To get there, however, we must acknowledge implicit bias, and supersede these obstacles, so that ownership can be assigned to the tasks necessary for problem-solving. The world is in a period of turmoil and trauma, so rather than stand by unproductively as things disintegrate, we now respond as agents of change — global citizens making life more livable for all human beings. AfriKin, the organization I have been dedicating my life to, utilizes art and cultural experiences of African origin, to build bridges between personal choices and the good of humanity.

My life has been one of generosity and servitude focused on changing a grim narrative while undergoing struggle and contemplative studies. Establishing an acceptable standard of human and social justice is an ongoing process not easily resolved. The ongoing fight for human rights and social justice is being won, after centuries of injustice and the deliberate attacks on many of Earth’s inhabitants. The narrative of discrimination has shifted to an acknowledgment of a reality based on class and ethnicity. I have been fighting systemic racism for as long as I have been able to recognize its introduction in the world. AfriKin is deep-rooted in this fight for economic equity and liberty for all!

The creation of AfriKin marks the time period of the greatest cultural shift in world history. Our emerging and unified culture speak to and for a generation that is now throwing off an identity imposed upon us, revealing our true identity and aligning with our views of ourselves. When I brought the high-performing, #TeamLegendary (primarily represented by women) together, we realized that we share a responsibility to promote constructive achievements and narratives. Our goals include correcting historical inaccuracies and removing the embedded perceptions of institutionalized supremacy within society which has propagated across the Earth for far too long. We all originate from the same geographical source-point – Africa, and we exist as brothers and sisters in human Kinship – which make us all AfriKin — a locution signifying unity.

Dealing with trauma and mental health challenges have led many to seek out solutions and safe spaces that provide opportunities for people to connect with diverse, creative communities through actual and virtual programming. Since 1998, I have produced national and international events utilizing my expertise in the promotional and technical aspects of production. However, the entire experience of AfriKin is much greater than its entertainment value – we are cultivating a paradigm that informs our audience of activists, advocates, artists, educators, entertainers, cultural aficionados, creative connoisseurs, scientists, social entrepreneurs, and local residents in ways that empower these individuals as we work together towards greatness to benefit our communities locally and internationally.

We are dispersed and distant relatives (of sorts). Our community is crying out for a true sense of self that is unified with our brothers and sisters around the world. We are a global family on a hero’s journey to self-discovery. As we grow to better understand each other, we combine our forces to participate in the greatest changes of our time.
We are AfriKin!

As a social engineer in cultural industries, it is a pleasure to work with you on this endeavor, as we help AfriKin improve lives and make the world a better place. Do not believe, that we are not related, because we are separated by oceans. We share our Africanness as a basis of kinship.


Founder, AfriKin®