Art content delivery (exhibition, fashion, film, food, performance)

AfriKin Art is a multicultural articulation from all continents and presented from an intercultural worldview. AfriKin provides a platform for both emerging and established artists through the following mediums:

Culinary Arts – A curation of the finest handcrafted world cuisines by notable chefs for the enjoyment of participants and patrons. The menu offers a voyage through the finest culinary arts through time and geography.

Fashion – Explores new frontiers of style, substance and quality through couture, street fashion and experimental photography. AfriKin is a new platform for artists and designers whose works reflect trending global styles at a point where fashion becomes wearable art of self-expression born from everyday living, moods, and community influences.

Literary Arts – Writing, editing, critiquing, reviewing, teaching, works by writers of the human experience. Conversations, lectures and symposiums under social sciences.

Performing Arts – Classical and contemporary dance, music from various part of the world provide a perspective on how different cultures occupying the same space and time. This approach allows for the growth and progress of the performing arts as a universal language; instruments for the promotion of peace and stability.

Visual Arts – Provides a platform through curated exhibitions that highlights multimedia art from Africa and the African Diaspora. In addition to presenting works by major contemporary African and African Diaspora artists, AfriKin provides an opportunity for collectors to expand the depth and breadth of their collections.