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Project: Elevate your brand’s visibility by advertising on AfriKin’s premier broadcast channels, reaching millions worldwide. Our bespoke branding opportunities encompass logo placements, full-screen visuals, audio-visual commercials from your content, and strategic brand transitions – all engineered to amplify your traffic, maximize visibility, and bolster sales.

Platform(s): Experience vast exposure across our multi-channel platforms, inclusive of web, radio, TV, and dynamic event activations.

Timeline: For seamless integration, ensure your content is AfriKin broadcast-ready, coupled with your preferred schedule.

Description: Embark on a branding journey with AfriKin that offers unparalleled promotional possibilities. Associate your brand with an influential crowd – from prominent investors, and celebrities, to early brand adopters. Your brand’s mission will resonate with AfriKin’s discerning patrons, a community vested in our shared global future. Let us tailor advertising benefits to match and surpass your objectives!

Advertisement Exposure on Multi-channel platforms including web, radio, Television, and Event activations.

  • Rockers Movement Radio
  • AfriKin Marketplace
  • AfriKin Art Fair
  • Social Media Outlets
  • YouTube Channel
  • Insightful Blog Posts
  • Engaging Newsletters and more.


  • 15 sec Ad: $1500 (Daily for a month)
  • 30 sec Ad: $3000 (Daily for a month)
  • 60 sec Ad: $5000 (Daily for a month)

Inclusive of: Prominent logo placements, newsletter inclusions, banner & pop-up ad spaces during live streams, SMS alerts, interactive live Q&As and polls, push notifications, brand transitions amidst programs, holistic event and social media marketing, and real-time audience engagement. Fuel your brand’s identity and capitalize on AfriKin’s ad buy to drive leads, supercharge your sales pipeline, retain customers, and ensure robust business continuity.

The Objective: AfriKin has firmly established itself as a pivotal marketing asset within the arts and entertainment sector. Beyond mere placements, our seasoned team adeptly engages with audiences in culturally nuanced ways. Harnessing a harmonious blend of grassroots and mainstream channels—spanning digital platforms, print, radio, and TV—we make every touchpoint count.

Kindly Note: Each advertorial offering is meticulously curated to yield singular advantages and bolster your brand’s pledge to the global African diaspora. AfriKin epitomizes an insightful nexus for creatives, familial bonds, corporates, collectives, and institutions. As participants delve deeper, they’re enlightened, revitalized, and driven toward collective progress. Note that AfriKin retains exclusive copyright over broadcasts and holds the prerogative to modify content.

Engage with Us: For advertising inquiries, reach out to Alfonso Brooks at: Phone: 646-296-3613 Email:

About AfriKin: A 501(c)3 non-profit initiative, AfriKin operates as a unique social enterprise forging cultural ties through exceptional artistry and potent dialogues. Our name “AfriKin”, fusing ‘Africa’ and ‘kinship’, encapsulates our mission: showcasing art and culture’s pivotal role in holistic human advancement. We’re all about celebrating our Africanness and kinship, a bond transcending borders.

We’re happy to customize benefits to ensure that your company’s advertising needs are met!

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