Project: Advertise on AfriKin Broadcast channels to reach millions of people globally. During our programs, we offer branding opportunities with logo placement, full-screen ads, audio and visual commercial with your supplied content. Brand transitions to help drive traffic, increase visibility and boost sales.

Platform(s): Multi-channel platforms including web, radio, TV and Event activations.

Timeline: Must be delivered to AfriKin broadcast ready with desired schedule.

Description: AfriKin presents a vast array of opportunities to promote your brand. Advertising with us provides the opportunity to place your brand among influencers, investors, celebrities, and early brand adopters. Your brand will achieve its business goals by expanding product reach through brand activation and immersion amongst AfriKin patrons who share an interest in the future of our global community. We’re happy to customize benefits to ensure that your company’s advertising needs are met!

Ads to be shared on: Rockers Movement Radio, AfriKin Marketplace, AfriKin Art Fair, Social Media Platforms, YouTube Channel, Blog Posts, Newsletters and more.

Cost: 1 Ad Daily per month: $1500 – 15 sec | $3000 – 30 sec | $5000 – 60 sec
Prominent Partnership Logo Placement, Newsletter Listings, Banner and Pop-Up Ad Space on Our Live Stream, Text Message Alerts, Surveys, Live Q&A and Polling, Push Notifications, Brand Transitions between programs, Event and Social Media Promotion, Text in to Interact. Help build your brand awareness with an AfriKin Ad Buy to help generate leads, create and accelerate sales pipeline, drive revenue, retain customers, engage and educate prospects and customers to help in the continuity of business.

The Objective: AfriKin has been recognized as an important marketing resource in the arts and entertainment industry. Whether through the placement of content and products or through media, our team communicates with the public in an appropriate and culturally relevant way. We use a well- planned promotional strategy to reach our target markets from grass-roots to mainstream via electronic media, print, radio and television. A great deal is placed on digital marketing in an effort to reach the growing number of people who rely on the internet and mobile devices to access information and services.

Please Note: Each advertising opportunity is designed to offer unique benefits for your company, and will reinforce your commitment to people of African origin globally. AfriKin provides an insightful hub for associations, creatives, interconnected families, companies, collectives and institutions. The programs inform, invigorate and invest in the participants as we step together in advancement and growth. AfriKin is the sole copyright owner of the broadcast and reserves the right to modify content.

To Advertise: Contact Alfonso Brooks at 646-296-3613 or

The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization AfriKin is a social enterprise that creates cultural connections through masterful artistry and provocative conversations. Sharing our Africanness as a basis of kinship. The term AfriKin is the fusion of two words — Africa and kinship. AfriKin creates programming designed to highlight the role of art and culture in human development and enrichment.

We’re happy to customize benefits to ensure that your company’s advertising needs are met!

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