AfriKin: Stand up, speak up… contribute – we want to hear from you.

Our community is a dynamic integration of conscious culture, positive media, innovation, technologies of communication, cultural entrepreneurship & scholarship through the arts folks that continue to influence the world. We know you have a lot on your mind and we have space for you to share it. Let’s get those thought-provoking ideas out of your head and into the stratosphere… contribute to society here.

AfriKin brings artists, bloggers, cultural industry leaders, dorks, fashionistas, freaks, geeks, influencers, policymakers, scholars, and techies together to highlight the future of cultural industries amongst humanity. We are culture perfected and influence everyone else… aka the public at large.

We would like to know your suggestions for AfriKin. If you want to contribute a blog, photography, video or perhaps you have an idea feel free to email us to get us in the loop and what you think would be cool to see on our platform.

Please keep it short and concise all the proper credits are necessary for any submissions. In your email; tell us a little about yourself and send us a sample of your work, be it what you’re pitching or something you’ve already been working on. (YouTube links welcomed, writing samples should be under two pages.)

NOTE* We are looking for pitches. Please clearly flesh out your idea for, specify in your description if you’re looking to do a regular column, a one off, or just be on file for assignments we can throw your way.

We look forward to hearing from you: AfriKin: A New Way of Being, A New Manner of Seeing