Dear Afrikin Ambassador:

Greetings in kindness and with the highest regard as we humbly begin the process of your nomination as a Goodwill Ambassador for Afrikin, a platform presenting arts, educational and cultural programming from a forward-looking perspective

The term Afrikin (pronounced ah • free • kin) is the fusion of two words “Africa (the continent) and Kinship (a sharing of characteristics or origins)”. Afrikin is a new and cohesive identity by which we move forward in love and through the connection of our global commonalities — without the limitations of bias.  This movement is fueled through programming — art, conversation, exhibition, fashion, food, and performance. Afrikin folk are global people who are intergenerational and multicultural.  And whose innovation comes through the provision of safe spaces to connect and through the delivery of cultural programming serving as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation for the development of assets in all sectors related to creative culture and its associated industries.  

 In support of your efforts and/or your brand(s), we can review marketing and merchandising materials that will allow for your representation of Afrikin in media. Afrikin Ambassadors act as regional and international representatives by leveraging their reach as influencers for the advancement, development, education, and growth of Afrikin through the identification of instructors, institutions, and organizations for strategic partnerships to create educational programming and initiatives which move us forward toward economic and intellectual self-sufficiency.  

Conceptual educational thoughts for consideration as regards participation with Afrikin include the following:

  • Being kind and teachable are key in the demonstration of love as a foundation.   Cultivating and giving love is an informed decision to do what heals and builds up. 

  • Our efforts are designed to prepare us for what is ahead during these momentous times in Earth’s history —  a time where we urgently need to learn how to think critically. 

  • Fear and the lack of humility block us from the process of giving genuine love.  Self-acceptance and forgiveness of one’s self are necessary to love ourselves, and others.

  • Trust is essential and is a basic element needed for healthy communication and cooperation.  Having the courage to stand on a firm belief in the ability, reliability, strength, and truth of Love itself is key for survival.   The process of coming to an understanding that 1). Love is a power greater than ourselves and 2). That Love is necessary for our guidance is … The Way forward ….

During our next interactions, we would like to discuss how as facilitators, we can help those we come in contact with, learn more about developing qualities and fundamental characteristics necessary for a peaceful existence.  We are also addressing practical ways that AFRIKIN with participating organizations and global teams can become facilitators in this important work.   This includes working toward economic self-sufficiency through anti-poverty planning (formulation of cottage industries, small businesses, and in the strategic use of local resources).  

As an Afrikin Ambassador, we would ask that you reference the movement on social media and interviews where appropriate. Please learn more about Afrikin by perusing the website.  It is an honor to consider you for joining us as an Afrikin Ambassador.   


Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks