AfriKin Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that creates cultural connections through masterful artistry and meaningful conversations. The term is the fusion of two words — Africa and kinship.
AfriKin emphasizes cultural connection and kinship across ethnic lines. It focuses on engagement and quality of care, championing Global Africa’s image to allow more strategic partnerships.

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Eco-AfriKin is actively providing tools and opportunities to include eco-friendly options within a variety of fields. By involving teachers, students, union workers, health care providers, agriculturists, business owners and industry leaders, we strive to network our connections as distant communities implement improvements within people’s lives.


AfriKin Art

AfriKin Art is multicultural – from all continents and presented from a world-view — an intercultural aesthetic. AfriKin provides a platform for both emerging and established artists through the following mediums: culinary arts, fashion, literary art, performance arts, and visual arts.




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Shop all things AfriKin from Coloring books to journals experience the energy of Africa through unique apparel. Buy home decor, accessories, unique flip-flops and socks with a variety of colors. AfriKin exciting activity & coloring books immerse readers into a world of African/Black heritage.



What we have in common is far greater than that which divides us.

We provide updates and information about Global Africa’s art, activism and culture. AfriKin focuses on engagement and quality of care, rebranding the Black world’s image. It is sustained by: academic articulations and aesthetic imaginations for the development of cultural industries. AfriKin curates content for positive interchange.


The art of a people is the genesis of their freedom


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Music has always had the power to unite and inspire humanitarianism. AfriKin takes it to the top, offering the highest quality of performance, political ambience and service to community available anywhere. “Truly international in orientation, there is no other place where one can experience such a rich presentation of the best in music talent. Miami proves again, this time through AfriKin, that it is the place to be for the internationalizing of our culture.
Carole Boyce Davies
Writer & Cornell University Professor of English and Africana Studies
It once was said that, ``Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul,`` Miami-Dade County is proud to honor those initiatives that celebrate and honor the art of music; and be it resolved that I, Carlos A. Gimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa and the Members of the Board of County Commissioners, on behalf of Miami-Dade County and this community, do hereby proclaim, 3rd Saturday of November as AfriKin Day.
Carlos A. Gimenez
Former Mayor of Miami-Dade County
Music is the fabric of our society and the City of Miami Gardens takes pride in recognizing those initiatives that celebrate and honor the art of music; and Now , Therefor, be it resolved that I, Oliver Gilbert, Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens, Florida along with my colleagues of the City Council, on behalf of the Residents, do hereby commend Team Legendary on their significant contributions to the South Florida community and urge all Residents to partake in their events.
Oliver Gilbert
Former Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens, Florida
The City of Miami takes pleasure in celebrating Team Legendary events that bring together music and food from around the world. We welcome this coming together structured as a Zero Waste Initiative, an act of community consciousness that educates by example, and augmented by the musical power of groups from around the world. It is fitted and appropriate that local officials, on behalf of our residents, pause to hail this festive arts event that promotes AfriKin's ``land & people' heritage.
Tomas Regalado
Mayor City of Miami
AfriKin expresses our hopes and dreams of a world in which what we have in common is far greater than that which divides us. Through their events, we live not by looking at each other but by looking together in the same direction.
Babacar Mbow
Cultural Critic
Food For The Poor would like to thank Team Legendary and their supporters for channeling their passion for music to raise awareness about the critical needs of the poor. Your compassion and generosity will help us triumph over hunger. When organizations with a common goal come together to serve, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.
Angel Aloma
Food For The Poor’s Executive Director
Through the joint work of families living in extreme hardship and youth volunteers, TECHO seeks to overcome poverty. “Team Legendary will amplify our message and continue to scream that Miami is committed to overcoming poverty.
Nicolas Berardi
At a time when courage is needed to show love and be unafraid to care for, benefit, help and nurture others, we are proud that AfriKin chose the City of Miami Beach as a home to nation build and explore our way forward in rebuilding our families, communities, and our nation with this fourth annual artful introduction to a shift in reality during Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 with AfriKin® Talks’ – Art of Conversation. NOW THEREFORE, DO we, as Mayor and Vice Mayor of the City of Miami Beach, hereby proclaim December 6, 2019 as AfriKin Day.
Dan Gelber
Mayor of Miami Beach


A new way of being – a new manner of seeing

AfriKin presents a form of action and engagement that shows the quality of care for all life on our planet as we bridge the gap between the arts, culture, and literacy.

AfriKin — African art and cultural content for the advancement of human development and social justice culture.

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