Art season is upon us and we have an amazing group exhibition in store…

Hello, friends of AfriKin,

After a much-needed journey to Paris+ Basel, AKAA, a studio visit with Angèle, and picking up art from artists scheduled to exhibit with us we are now ready for the assignment at hand.

Gratitude to family and friends near and far for the amazing food, good vino, great conversations, laughter, adventures, and life lessons never to be forgotten. From The Motherland to the old country, despite being ill through the journey, plane delays, train derails, being soaked in freezing rain, and standing in line for hours it is always good to know you have people around, you can call on and depend on. Now forward we go…

Thank you for your patience and anticipation in the official launch of the AfriKin Art Fair for the Miami Art Week season.

In the vibrant tapestry of South Florida, a transformative movement took root, blossoming into what is known today as AfriKin. Born from a place of passion, AfriKin emerged as a beacon of light to challenge and correct the long-held misinterpretations and negative depictions of African and Black culture.

For far too long, the rich and diverse narrative of African heritage had been shadowed by a veil of appropriation and misunderstanding. AfriKin sought to rewrite this narrative, using art and culture as the linchpin to bring forth the authentic beauty and resilience of Black history.

But AfriKin’s vision extended far beyond the boundaries of South Florida, resonating on a global stage. At its core, AfriKin is about creating a sustainable ecosystem of collaborations that bridge the gap across ethnic lines. By partnering with artists and cottage industry providers worldwide, AfriKin has fostered a web of cohesive communities, where individuals from all walks of life can unite and thrive together.

In today’s world, where division often feels more prevalent than unity, the existence of AfriKin serves as a vital reminder of our interconnectedness. Africa, being the cradle of civilization, stands as a testament to the deep-rooted kinship that we all share, regardless of our geographic or ethnic backgrounds.

AfriKin is more than just an organization; it is a movement – a movement that celebrates our similarities rather than our differences and amplifies the power of unity in diversity. By showcasing the best of who we are through the lens of art and culture, AfriKin illuminates the pathway to a more harmonious world, where we recognize the kin in AfriKin, and embrace the beautiful tapestry of our shared human experience.

AfriKin offers a new way of being, a new manner of seeing our shared humanity. As we move through passion and profits may our purpose be what brings us closer together and strengthens our love for one another.

Look forward to your joining us from December 3rd through the 10th for the annual AfriKin Art group exhibition in Miami as we “Celebrate the Beauty and Brilliance of Global Africa” – where tradition and technology converge.

More info can be found at see our promotional flyer, concept note and press release attached to share with your networks.

I look forward to holding space with you and sharing an amazing abundance of love and joy through a lens of art and culture with you. The team has toiled for months to present an amazing production for you to Discover, Reflect, and Celebrate. AfriKin is a Revelatory Art Fair!

From my heart to yours gratitude and grace in all ways, with love as the mainstay.

Kind regards,

Until next time remember to save the date for:

AfriKin Art Fair in Miami from December 3 – 10th – RSVP here


Schedule: December 3, 2023, to December 10, 2023

Art exhibits open daily from 11 am – 7 pm

An Evening of Purpose (VIP Opening)

Sunday, December 3, 2023, 6 pm

The Evening of Purpose is more than a VIP Opening – it’s an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of young people in our community. For each artwork sold, part of the proceeds will go towards funding scholarships for students pursuing careers in the arts. How gratifying it is to be socially responsible in making a difference. Together, we can help local youth pursue their passions and build a brighter future for us all.

Looking for a way to give back? Look no further than the AfriKin Scholarship fund! This is the culmination of a year’s worth of preparation and fundraising by the AfriKin Foundation.

AfriKin Talks: The Erasure of Black Knowledge
Date: Thursday, December 7, 2023, 7 pm

Florida’s recent banning of Black books has raised concerns not just in the state but across the nation and globally. This seemingly singular decision has ignited memories of historical tragedies, like the burning of libraries and institutions that held the wealth of Black knowledge. It brings to the forefront a debate about preserving the essence and truth of Black history, culture, and perspectives.

This panel discussion aims to examine the implications of this erasure, its impact on future generations, and to strategize on how artists and art platforms can intervene. Being at the forefront of culture, arts have the unique power to instigate change, challenge narratives, and rally communities.

AfriKin Talks recognizes that the erasure of Black knowledge isn’t just a Florida issue; it is a global concern. This panel is a reminder of the power art has in shaping, preserving, and disseminating narratives. We are not just fighting against the erasure of Black knowledge but for the continued enlightenment of generations to come. It is a duty we all bear. Let this discussion serve as a starting point to not only condemn such actions but to actively work towards a future where Black knowledge is revered, preserved, and shared widely.

AfriKin Talk: The Ingenuity and Promise of Global Africa

Friday, December 8, 2023, 7 pm

As part of Miami Art Week, we are hosting a pivotal dialogue titled “Bridging Histories, Crafting Futures: The Ingenuity and Promise of Global Africa.” This event aims to connect thinkers, scholars, community leaders, and young entrepreneurs from across the African diaspora and the continent, offering a platform to discuss the past, present, and envisioned future of our interconnected communities.

AfriKin Fashion: Echoes of the Ancestors, Visions of the Digital Horizon

Saturday, December 9, 2023, 7 pm

Step into a world where ancestral whispers meet tomorrow’s dreams. This year’s AfriKin Art Fair fashion runway event, titled “Echoes of the Ancestors, Visions of the Digital Horizon,” offers a mesmerizing tableau, juxtaposing the profound depth of traditional African art with the avant-garde flair of artificial intelligence. Immerse yourself in silhouettes, patterns, and designs that echo the pulsating rhythm of Global Africa, enriched by AI-enhancements that add a touch of futuristic allure.

More than a mere fashion showcase, this runway weaves a tale of timeless heritage and pioneering innovation, an ode to the beauty of our past and the brilliance of our future. Embark on this spellbinding voyage, where the age-old roots of African ethos and the futuristic wings of AI meld in a captivating symphony of style and story.

Join us at the Next Frontier of Art and AI during Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Tell us your thoughts. Where do you hope to see AfriKin go? How do we move forward and evolve while holding onto the rich traditions that make us who we are?