Category: Nation Building

Covert Nationalism Part 2
September 8, 2020
Nation Building
As with most life questions, there is a fear of truth and a fear of changing patterns, habits and beliefs. I get this. I too am human. But what would it look like to be a Master...
Daddy Issues
August 18, 2020
Nation Building
In dealing with my daddy issues and what they blocked me from seeing, I am growing to understand that the woman I hated is the woman that would've protected me from the first man...
August 10, 2020
Nation Building
Why are men and women so in awe about two women saying how they want to be properly serviced in their, Y? Why does it bother people that a womans' life mission isn't to commit to...
A New Way Forward
August 7, 2020
Nation Building
We are shattering the mold that uses people as tools of production rather than recognizing individuals within the process. These shifts transcend borders, labels and demographic...
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