This new wave of civil uprising has demonstrated solidarity reflective of broader movements merging as a populist collective.  Communities working together focused on common goals breaks another level of segregation with human interaction and acceptance.  The key to understanding comes from the unifying awareness that we all need clean air, clean water, healthy food, a living wage, affordable housing, health care, freedom and respect for all people.  We are shattering the mold that uses people as tools of production rather than recognizing individuals within the process. These shifts transcend borders, labels and demographic divides as we become one people adapting to a world-building struggle.  AFRIKIN is here to be part of this endeavor as a guide, a beacon and a pillar of out global family as we connect like-minded individuals together and rise together!

As the entrenched colonial structures stress and crack from capitalistic designs, more communities are acknowledging how these same institutions are responsible for their oppression.  Previously many separate segments have operated within their limited spheres, but now we are seeing broader unity as solidarity fortifies on the ground and online.  As our people realize that civil rights, environmental protections, workers’ rights, criminal justice reform, ending the Drug War and the militarization of the police are connected with budget allocation and protectivist priorities, the sooner we discover the roots of our systemic issues. As the street campaigns continue to expand, we are seeing more families joining the activists as a transformative boost in civic engagement. While this protest wave started in response to police brutality and the oppression of African Americans, the movement has evolved into something stronger. Due to these efforts, there is legislation and conversation at all levels of government with proposals endorsed by a diverse coalition from the ground up! (Be sure to contact your elected officials to generate their support – and vote for those who follow through.)

The slogan Defund The Police goes to the source of the imbalance – money and the utilization of force to control society through fear.Police serve an important roll in public safety and they have specific training, but they have become the front line for situations that do not require officers with guns. By redirecting funds into preventative measures, social services, education and community development, we can reduce crime and improve lives. The heart of many issues comes down to the budget and in the case of the U.S., the legislatures have collectively placed the police far above most other governmental functions – and we see the comparative lack elsewhere. If you want to understand the dynamics, look at your city, county and state budgets and learn how much the police are allocated in relation to other departments. We should also inspect the prison and military budgets to better understand how we as a fiscal entity emphasize this tone over education, healthcare, the environment and the quality of life for our people.

While more attention is going to the street protests, many green thumbs are working on home gardens, community greenspaces and land reclamation projects that are nurturing bio-diversity by utilizing native flora to enhance pollination within the edible species.  This emphasis on self-sufficiency and natural renewal reconnects people to the Earth and its enriching essence. The process of breeding plants and watching them bloom under personal care heals the scars of neglect – not only for the land, but the gardener too!  As part of this dynamic, the regional varieties bolster further growth of supportive habitats for insects, birds and animals.  In addition, the plants help to clean the air and filter the water – restoring more balance locally.

Prospects of a Green New Deal present opportunities to harness renewable energy, stimulate new modern jobs, restore crumbling infrastructure, protect our natural resources and end the grip of fossil fuels along with the pollution that it spews. Currently there are more people in the U.S. working with solar, wind and sustainable power than oil, coal and natural gas, but the extractors have been able to keep their subsidies and influence while solar panels are restricted with financial burdens. For far too long, our people and environment have been subjected to the greed and lack of societal concern from the old power guard, but we can’t wait any longer for affirmative action.  Climate change is real and despite political posturing, the effects are currently in motion and we need to be prepared! With this massive shift in employment, we may not see previous retail and service jobs return, so putting our people to work rebuilding and greening our nation would manifest positive ripples beyond the dollars spent.  Self-sufficient power would also undercut the potential of more wars for oil and other military conquests.

During this plague, the exploration of art, expression, creativity and multi-culturism has blossomed as people aspire to connect with others while discovering beauty and depth in aesthetic realms. We are seeing a resurgence of painting, photography, writing, craftwork, music and the more individual art forms as performances and larger productions are on hold.  People who “retired” from art are now going back to it, while emerging and established artists see renewed attention as our populace searches for new content and inspiration. At the same time, the internet provides a global platform for distinctive engagement with nuanced historical context to satiate all levels of curiosity.  Cultural crossover fosters a spectrum of appreciation and builds bridges by connecting our senses with a linked humanity. We transcend language through art as we infuse flavors of history within an awakening of coalescing resonance.

As a platform, AFRIKIN strives to expand consciousness by providing insightful perspectives of pioneers, artists, scholars and community organizers who are putting new ideas into action. We are all in one big group project of internalized recognition and the goal is to build a society that we want to live in. The question of how we do it is on deck and open for discussion. People are looking big and starting small, but this is the growth process that embodies the changes that we want to see. By facilitating individual and communal metamorphous, AFRIKIN lifts our collective foundation to the next level. We are part of the revolution NOW! We are here to make the changes! We are here together – you are not alone!

Written by: C.D. Flash

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