Take a rhythm, feel a groove,
        touch the essence, stimulate your moves.
It’s the music connecting with your soul,
        reflecting the power of energy extolled.
Sound waves generated with strings, horns and drums,
        or maybe it’s a melody that you just like to hum.
It’s the frequencies that makes a person feel alive,
        in synch with those cresting, peaking vibes.
Exploring moods and modes – blissed, somber or crazed alone,
        it’s a spiritual tone, connecting with your temporal lobe.
The flavor of colors with a scent so deep,
        radiating textures for your swaying head to your tapping feet.
It’s a body high, surfing the waves as the mind flies,
        interactive across the bridge of time.
Music is in the moment – expressive, intensive, aligned,
        mixing a purity of notes, with engineering on the cusp of refined.
Yet no matter how far the tech edge extends,
        the roots will curve and bend, back to the beat.
Tapping into that primal drum,
        the heart of communication,
        accenting the chanting for the spirits above.

We are born to music, heartbeats pound,
        enraptured into the sounds that surround,
        absorbing contours of region, as cultures flow out.
Embedded in the mystery, there is history,
        marking moments, past what we see,
        reflective magic with auditory chemistry.
Awareness and confusion, opened by design,
        with poignant lyrics, the singers shed illusions,
        from the shadows of their minds.
Blending the twang of the guitar,
        with those keyboard bars, syncopating the chords,
        as the swing of the bass, hits the steady rhythm fours.
The horns blare with nuanced care,
        articulating tempos with flavor unwavered
        a convergence distinct, mingling accents to savor
Some songs hold memories, crossing generational divides,
        transcending language, when spectrums collide.
        lifting phrases classic, as sensations resonate inside,
It’s the commonalities that penetrates humanity,
        with an understanding of growth, we all need to breathe,
        so absorb the air that blooms with harmonic flairs, and bond with your
symphonic family.

Senses float amidst the sonic spokes,
        spinning in flux, within a musical apex,
        a fusion of motion, spiraling the audio nexus.
With the universal crossovers and commercial lens,
        forms converge, as influences extend
        launching a cacophony, pushed by marketing trends.
With volume inflation and broadband manipulation,
        the labels stream sound byte projections,
        merging media, coalesced for infused consumption.
Products packaged shiny, a beacon of novelty,
        weaving whimsy with underlying symmetry,
        when the artist humbly says, “Please buy my CD.”
Sometimes those purchases do hold treasures,
        chronicling passages of troubles and pleasures,
        rooting tasty hooks, layered in metered measures.
Most songs start simple and raw, glimmers of the heart,
        motivation carries that spark, onward through the bars
        striving to catch the fans, through the stereos, tvs and cars,

from jazz to blues, rock and pop
we have thrash, reggae, funk and loops that don’t stop
there’s meditative drones and dynamic world beats
along with hip-hop raps from the shady streets
it’s country-western and spoken word
it’s electronic, acoustic, folky and distorted
it’s industrial, tribal, classical and gospel
sourcing the ancestors with songs of survival
we have noise from high-powered toys
crooning, squealing and shrieking from pretty girls and boys
along with instruments of all kinds
made to occupy any prolific mind
either recorded, programmed or live
a capella, instrumental or electrified

Yet when all of the gadgets are plugged in,
        groovin’ and jammin’ with connected kin,
                it still takes the artistic skill to thrill,
                        shaping the syncopations with phat fills.
Talent crafted with patterned tones,
        reaching resonance in melodious zones,
                enhancing dynamics that can be honed,
                        to earn the fame that will be their own.

Many people get wild, bending genres and styles,
        creating distinctions unique, that inspire and rile.
Some entertain for money, most fiddle for fun,
        others just experiment to hear what can be done.
Tunes may be simple in structure, extreme or sublime,
        meshing dexterity and depth, balancing vibrant highlights.
It is a challenge and a blessing, expression and release,
        a point of purpose, touching a dream.
So let us pray that the sonic cascades never fade, until the end of
        extending the roots to the masses from the power of the divine.


Written by: C.D Flash

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