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AFRIKIN presents current culture through art, fashion, talks, food, innovation and performance – ways to connect, communicate and experience the lives and perspectives of our brothers and sisters – our AFRIKIN – in the languages of the people.

From the Founder’s Desk

 My AFRIKIN family, you know you’re doing something good when the president talks about you negatively. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, LeBron James is doing massive things for AFRIKIN in Ohio which translates to the world. Trump’s words are unimportant, but the intention to diminish the good work by our brother surely says he is disrupting the status quo in the best ways possible. 

Can you feel the heat? The world is at war with itself, the inhabitants fighting themselves and each other. Throw in this summer’s celestial influences and we are feeling the effects of Gaia’s imbalance with record-high temperatures. The best way to combat this is to stay cool; stay hydrated and keep our tempers in check. It’s important we exude positive energy and be vehicles of love to soothe the hurt and pain Mother Earth is experiencing.    

In these times, the power of prayer really has opportunity to shine. No matter to whom or about what, the vibrations carried with our intentions are felt the world over. Remember, you have the power to make a difference in every moment. Go the extra mile to be kind, loving, and understanding. Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and all AFRIKIN!

Peace and love,
Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow…

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture
is like a tree without roots. ~ Marcus Garvey

Latest Discoveries

Anthropologists are finally recognizing and doubting their long-held view that humans evolved from a single ancestral population in one region of Africa.

Now, a scientific consortium has found that human ancestors were diverse in form and culture and scattered across the continent. They now understand the populations were subdivided by different habitats and shifting environmental boundaries, such as forests and deserts. These new findings were published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution  which drew from studies of bones, stones, and genes, along with new and more detailed reconstructions of Africa’s climates and habitats over the last 300,000 years.

Emory University anthropologist Jessica Thompson, one of the 23 authors on the paper, says “While it was well established that modern humans originated in Africa, there was still the question of where in Africa. East Africa and South Africa have been strong candidates, but that could be due to the long historical bias of where fossils were being found. While we need more data from those places, it’s apparent now that West Africa and Central Africa are also key players in the story.” The research was led by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany and the University of Oxford in England.


The long-awaited exhibition “Posing Modernity: The Black Model from Manet and Matisse to Today” will be on view at the Wallach Art Gallery at Colombia Universityfrom October 25, 2018 through February 10, 2019 and will then be expanded at theMusée d’Orsay in Paris from March 26 to July 14, 2019 titled “Le Modèle noir, de Géricault à Matisse”.

In New York, the presentation focuses specifically on the AFRIKIN female figure, beginning with Edouard Manet’s 1860s portrayals of Laure, the model who posed as the maid in Olympia. In Paris, a broader and expanded treatment of the AFRIKIN figure begins with portaits by Marie-Guillemine Benoist and Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault at the start of the 19th century.

The curator of the exhibition in New York is Denise Murrell, Ph.D., Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University.  The exhibition is based on her 2013 dissertation for Columbia University’s department of art history and archaeology, as is the forthcoming Posing Modernitycatalog, to be co-published by Yale University Press.


Edouard Manet’s Laure


Team AFRIKIN was on location for Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) – Europe’s largest fashion event promoting and nurturing African and African-inspired design talent, August 10-11.

Founded in 2011 by Ronke Ademiluyi, AFWL has led the way in highlighting Africa’s emerging designers and apparel industry and has been at the forefront of bringing awareness of Africa’s burgeoning fashion industry to the international market.


Ghana may be getting recognition as the “Future of Africa” tech with Google’ new Artifical Intelligence lab in Accra, but Nigeria is not willing to be beat anytime soon!

The new NG–Hub office is in the suburb of Yaba — the heart of Nigeria’s burgeoning tech scene that is attracting interest from global giants keen to tap into an emerging market of young, connected Africans. The company’s Africa head of public policy, Ebele Okobi, said at the opening of the premises that the goal was to cultivate the nascent technology community.  In May, both Google and Facebook launched initiatives nearby. Facebook is operating from the NG–Hub as it doesn’t yet have a permanent office in Nigeria. The social network has pledged to train 50,000 people across the country to “give them the digital skills they need to succeed”, Ebele says. In exchange, Facebook, which currently has some 26 million users in Nigeria, gets more users and access to a massive market to test new products and strategies. “We are invested in the ecosystem. Just the fact that they are engaging … that in of itself is a goal,” she adds.

Recently, Nigeria’s vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo, was in California to court US tech investors for what he said could herald a “fourth industrial revolution” back home, and that the Nigerian government will “actively support” Google’s “next billion users” plan to “ensure greater digital access in Nigeria and around the world”.


Team AFRIKIN will be all over Commodore Barry Park for AFROPUNK in Brooklyn! The line-up includes Erykah Badu, Tyler the Creator, Jonelle Monae, Kaytranada,Ibiyi and much more!

Prayers Up

Our sister Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul has transitioned. Sending healing vibes to the family and friends and all who loved the beautiful, legendary AFRIKIN songstress. 

Our brother Buju is scheduled for a December release from bondage.
Hold firm, Gargamel! 


Multi-talented multi-media artist and filmmaker Terence Nance sat down with Black Lounge Films to discuss his amazing new HBO series “Random Acts of Flyness”. The director of the critically acclaimed “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty”, Nance’s clever and intriguing artistry has awarded him a unique place in today’s world of independent filmmaking. Erin Christovale – co-founder of Black Radical Imagination and assistant curator of Hammer Institute Museum in Los Angeles – was the moderator for this fascinating dialogue at Art Africa Miami Arts Fair in Historic Overtown. Be sure to check out next month’s event from the Black Lounge Films Series.


WizKid bringing Nigeria-cool to the concrete jungle of New York City

Afropop Superstar WizKid took over Manhattan, unveiling his eclectic collection of clothes at Reign in the Meatpacking District and holding an impromptu concert to old and new fans alike. Given the unprecedented success, our Nigerian brother WizKid plans on having these pop-ups around the globe every three months with brand new designs complementing his international sound. The capsule features exclusive merchandise that will not be included in another pop-up, furthering this AFRIKIN’s position as a trendsetter. Congratulations! 


Taraji P. Henson launched a new foundation specifically geared to the minds of our AFRIKIN family.  The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, named after her late father, will specifically fight to change the stigma of mental health with AFRIKIN. The foundation—her best friend Tracie Jenkins will serve as the Executive Director—will offer scholarships to AFRIKIN students majoring in mental health, as well as provide mental health services for youth in urban schools.

“I named the organization after my father because of his complete and unconditional love for me; his unabashed, unashamed ability to tell the truth, even if it hurt; and his strength to push through his own battles with mental health issues,” she said. “My dad fought in the Vietnam War for our country, returned broken, and received little to no physical and emotional support. I stand now in his absence, committed to offering support to African Americans who face trauma daily, simply because they are black.”

We are so proud of your work and dedication to the health of our people!

The Theatre

4117_PP_D002_02137_RJohn David Washington stars as Ron Stallworth and Laura Harrier as Patrice in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, a Focus Features release.Credit: David Lee / Focus Features
Everyone’s talking about Spike Lee’s provocative new film BlacKkKlansman!  Based on the early-1970’s true story of Ron Stallworth, the first AFRIKIN detective to work for the Colorado Springs police department, the film centers on Stallworth (played by John David Washington of Ballers) and a veteran Jewish cop (played by Adam Driver) as they find a unique, and risky, way to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.
Hardly a period piece, this film effectively juxtaposes the racial climate of the 70’s with the one perpetuated by Agent Orange and his supporters today.This film holds true to Spike’s passion in shining a light on the atrocities of racism. With this film, he wants us to start being honest with ourselves about this country, for us to educate ourselves about our history. And of course, for us to WAKE UP!

Future Focused

Nigerian fintech startup, Mines, secures $13 million Series A funding to expand to South America and AsiaNigerian start-up Mines has closed a Series A round of $13 million to continue growth in Africa, expand to South America and South-East Asia. Mines, the fintech startup re-inventing credit in emerging markets, will drive financial access around the world and also plans to use part of the investment for talent acquisition. The Series A funding round was led by The Rise Fund, a global fund managed by TPG Growth.Mines CEO Ekechi Nwokah said, “there are more than 3 billion adults globally without access to credit. Our vision is that every one of them will have instant access to credit in the next 10 years. We believe the best way to realize this vision is to partner with banks, retailers and mobile operators and power digital credit products tailored to their markets so they can create the customers of tomorrow, today.”

Sounds We’re Spinnin’


At the 2018 Winter Olympics, three amazing Nigerian women made history as the first bobsled team ever to qualify from Africa.Finally, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially recognized the captain of the team, Seun Adigun as the first African to compete at both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Congratulations!Before appearing at PyeongChang 2018, Adigun had represented Nigeria in the women’s 100-metre hurdles at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Family Fun!

Get something and Wave! Labor Day is coming and Team AFRIKIN will be on the Parkway for the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn! 

The Happenings!

Our brothers and sisters of Project OKURASE held their 2nd Annual Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival August 4 – 5, 2018 in Okurase, Ghana.Check out more information about this wonderful organization! 

Jamaica Inde-Fest 2018 Street Festival in the MASS District was a beautiful family event to celebrate the holiday!

Days of Note

August 7th was Jamaica Independence Day!  Celebrating 56 years!

Great AFRIKIN in History

August 10, 1950, Edith Sampson is the first African American appointed as a representative to the UN.
The Charter of the United Nations expresses the noblest aspirations of man: abjuration of force in the settlement of disputes between states; the assurance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion; the safeguarding of international peace and security.
~Haile Selassie

August 27, 1975, Haile Selassie passes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael was Ethiopia’s regent (1916 – 1930), Emperor of Ethiopia (1930 – 1974), and Chairperson of the Organisation of African Unity (5/25/1963 – 7/17/1964) and (11/5/66 – 9/11/1967.) He was a member of the Solomonic Dynasty.


One of the greatest challenges meat-eaters have in transitioning to vegan life is the craving for those old familiar comfort foods. Have you ever had vegan Oxtail? That’s not a rhetorical question! The New Vegan in Delray, Florida is the next generation of vegans showing people a new innovative way of eating food filled with organic macro nutrients without the dependency of another life to do so. 

The New Vegan

“At The New Vegan, we try to ensure nutritional value without having to compromise between taste and health. We have a variety of 100% plant base meals, with a combination of Raw, Cooked, Baked and Grilled food. We are committed to a non GMO, non dairy, non wheat, non soy & non gluten kitchen.”
We love every bite and encourage you to check them out!
The New Vegan 528 NE 2nd StreetDelray Beach, FL 33483
Ask about delivery! (561) 404-5301

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Event Recap

Have you seen the photos from AFRIKIN 2018: Art | Culture | Community in Miami, May 19th? Check out our gallery for pics of yourself, your friends, and all your AFRIKIN in attendance

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