Some of us who have been through our life’s struggles most likely remember the first time we learned about the term “ontogeny vs. sociogeny.” We might have had a friend explain it or read it in a textbook, but some of us may not understand how these two words relate to one another.

At the AfriKin Headquarters, we claim boldly that Africans are the only Ontogenetic people on the planet – considering the simple monogenetic fact that Africa is the cradle of civilization. Understanding and accepting this fact allows for further exploration as to why AfriKin exists. It is extremely important that we focus on the ‘Kin’ in AfriKin as we evolve, as we will realize more and more the need for us to all look together in the same direction if we are to truly advance the ingenuity and promise of Africa and people of African origin.

What is the difference between Ontogeny and Sociogeny? 

Ontogeny is your biological development. It is simply your development from conception to death, including physical and physiological changes like puberty and psychological changes like becoming an adult with self-awareness or losing the ability to feel fear like a child can. There are many times in life when we go through ontogeny changes, and we cannot see that because it is happening on a cellular level for us, so it is not easy for us to understand what else is going on with our bodies at the same time.

Whereas, Sociogeny is your social development. Sociogeny is the development of interpersonal relationships and forming of one’s identity from the time you are born until death. It can be going to school, learning a skill, and the different experiences that shape your ability to relate to people and make choices for yourself. Like with ontogenesis, many sociogenic changes occur in our lives. However, we usually cannot see them developing as we occur on a more macro-level than ontogenesis, which occurs in smaller cellular components in our bodies.

Ontogeny is a biological process that involves postnatal physical and psychological changes. Genetic and environmental factors cause it. Essentially, this means that sociogeny is influenced by genotype while ontogenesis is influenced by phenotype because they are both at different levels of development discussion. 

Why we must teach others the difference between Ontogeny vs. Sociogeny?

Because understanding the difference between ontogenesis and sociogenesis is essential in forming our identity as individuals, which we will share with others upon our deaths. We must teach others about these two processes to understand what is happening to us individually in a society where many people are being socialized into being materialistic beings of this earth by an outside group of people who are profit-driven for human cloning.

Ontogeny vs. Sociogeny is excellent for learning about the many changes that occur within us, both physically and psychologically. As we live our lives from conception to death, many changes will appear in our bodies and minds on different levels of development.