Trump got me tight

Heart thumping

Black Power fist pumping

Trump got me tight

Heart thumping

Black Power fist pumping

Jaw clenched

Damn dog need a muzzle

Got too much bark

Puts paws on the pussy

Aggression with weapons


He pushin Kim’s buttons

Threatening to push buttons

Initiate nuclear warfare

Even his foreign wh*re scared

Yardees say, He’s facety

Dude pink and pasty

Squeeze the orange marmalade

Why he ain’t toast?

Spread the f*ck out

Sliced up, knifed up

Chewed up and spit out

Flapping his gums

Snapping for fun

Steady tweeting

While people beating pavement

Broken Can’t make car payments

Trump mind on driving stock prices

Like a murcielago

He’s played the fuck out.

Golfing in Mar-a-lago

Shoot a hole where his cigar go

But never a Cubano

Got beef with football

Took a knee about pigs

Tired of constant slaughter

But weeps for his daughter

Another prop for the media

The truth tellers

Trump’s great nemesis

Really our only friend in this

Ain’t the Goddamn Republicans

Can #BlackGirlMagic put an end to this?

Santeria, roots, obeyah, voodoo

Grab up and stab up some dolls

Black candles, light his ass up

Chants, shut his ass up

No chance for survival

It’s time for a savior’s arrival

We been Gods

We need a reminder?

Put the energy into the Universe

Bring the power back to the Source

He’ll be ejected by force

Not calling for his body in a hearse

But let’s end this before it gets worse

This hand we’ve been dealt

Got the Big Joker

But I’d rather play with 2’s

Chuck up the Deuces, please And bring on the peace…


Written by: Monique A. Williams

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