The 2016 error is looking for a recharge,
prelude to the Constitutional discharge….
Unveiled threats portrayed coy
– barbs to annoy, but truth in lies is an onion disguise
– still stinks – inciting fanatics and freaks, conspiracy geeks
– lost on falsified links.
The power of a mob, dedicated to a blob
– just trolling along, deflection rolling strong
– the daily drama, the corruption of karma
– breaking the moral fiber of a once shining provider
– bedlam spiked from frenzied hype
– now sedated and numb, recoiled with pain succumbed.
Caught by tweets of incitement, national indictment
– leadership gone wrong in an ego’s storm
– shattering norms – streams of scandals, crimes with candor,
exposing influences that pander.
Trials and investigations, administrative implications
– leading to record jail cell occupations
– abuse of power displayed, hypocrisy flaunted mainstay
– too often left unchallenged.

But openly the grift keeps growing, money skimming, self-dealing,
insider banking – the economy left tanking
– Main Street lagging, dragging our people down.
Yet still appealing to the poor sheep, fallen deep,
double-standard extreme
– lost in a con man’s dream of deceit – overshadowed with bankruptcies
– patterns of debt, workers left bereft – set adrift
– occupational risk when the facade is bronzer skin thin
– with a hair weave glued in.
Land fraud and school scams, convicted charity disband,
civil rights’ court case slam
– now, we’re all damned
– and we can’t get away, caught in the shit spray!
The grandstanding man ruling without a plan
– no ideals, just looking for a side deal
– a roll on the money wheel
– a gambler’s shuffle, diversion within trouble
– swerve when things get tough, distractions mired in fluff
– always whining, so rough.
Tax return bait and switch – squeals of a testified snitch
– lost in the media swish
– ratings don’t hit the blip with a commercial package gift
– give the broadcasters a lift – advertizer attention flip.
Skewed claims of innocence rings hollow, spewing taglines shallow
– fictional trips – spinning unstudied scripts, insights missed
– just momentary cover – dismissed tomorrow.
No consequence or sorrow
– projections pealed with insecurities revealed,
more bluster than real – smokescreens concealed with lawyerly zeal
– often lost on appeal.

Yet truth be told, all of the chaos sown is not from one man alone
– the tide resides in white power pride
– emboldened, with tiki torch light
– armed and ready to fight – Kulture Klash Kolide – Confederacy uprise!
Plantation mind, slaughterhouse compromise, prison labor subsidized
– corporate shell game paradigm – just a Jim Crow alibi…
Boots on necks, racist reflex, suffering within the strata of context
– avatars of a caged mind complex – cover as the police force flex.
Divide along ethnic lines
– weakness materialized, society sinking with empowered lies,
fallacies disguised with arrogance imbibed
– profits maximized on the backs of sold off lives
– people scrambling with their 401k ties
– bolstering subjugation with a Wall Street rise.
Money and prestige, shadowing echos of the disease
– focused on the economy
– insiders playing leads, cashed in on donors’ deeds
– scraps for the people’s needs.
Societal collapse triggered by widespread payment lapse, creditor traps,
dreams snapped – abandoned for billionaires to snatch, devastation vast
– generations gasp as the aftereffects outlast.

The world burns, lessons unlearned, seeking a fossil fuel surge
– quick money for nature’s purge.
Laws undermined, regulations demonized, ecological suicide
– criminals fortified
– watch the effects collide, but it gets worse
– this sickness cursed, honor reversed
– the nation’s competency perverted – agency sanctity subverted
– treaties inverted.
Plundered for industry implosion – tributes for private profit devotion
– the rule of law scoffed unscreened
– the courts filled with lackeys obscene.
The presidency demeaned, internationally shamed
– standing left lame with credibility defamed
– sabers rattle, dictator prattle – rash trash of feeble battles
– propped up by photo op nonsense, glossed with fake smile pretense.
Seeking validation with crowd admiration and propaganda celebrations
– still without putting in the work – sliding with just a smirk.
Long running comedy bits, hits for the twits
– speeches of racist bingo, dog whistles within the lingo
– now a bull horn of scorn, pretense forgone
– entertainment for the pawns, echoed by media spawns.

Roots of this American Dream, retched from whorehouse intrigue
– dynasty of sleaze
– golden T streams, ponzi scheme, branded mainstream
– all a grab for more green.
Child mind blind, lashing out unrefined
– while coddled unchallenged by network confines
– puking revisionist history, stoking slanted stories,
statistics of false glory – fact checks subside….
Cornered in a round room, spinning slogans of doom
– pain exhumed, yet lies feed scars – now marshaling the charge,
targeting the opposition behind bars.
Responsibility shunned with claims of being above
– no morals or shame – just a salesman’s game,
credit grabbed for significance in another’s name.
Promoter illusion – reality show delusion
– tracking polls and ratings, image over debating,
impulse without contemplating,
– negating the effects proceeding
– time tossed, on the golf course cheating.
Encouraging crimes, broadcast live
– assaults and intimidation, collusion and sedition
– emoluments and more – now voter fraud for the big score.
No restrictions for statements said – accountability dead – Teflon shed
– lessons taught by Fred.
Double digit accusers – rapist, philanderer – admitted predator,
daughter lover, human marketer, scandal whore slanderer
– decency lost – flavored as self-serving props
– yet gnawed in victims’ minds to stay- covering crimes, legality frayed
– still stalling, while hiding DNA.

Soon we will have a chance to choose
– will we shift or continue to lose?
Will the psychosis of fools, overpower those who have been abused?
Can we live beyond the news that spins and subdues – skewed to confuse?
If honesty and integrity prevails, the demagoguery fails
– sparking a sense of hope regaled.
Vote for the better world we need, step up in numbers
– let the Electoral College run clean.
Activate the mass movement gain – remove this stain of ingrained pain
– push beyond simple, commit for residual
– recognize damage within denial.
Investigate with real trials, lawlessness cannot spiral
– accountability is justice’s revival.
We must stop this monster looming, not just the ones in office,
but the others grooming
– the festering feeders of inbred deceivers, spreading lies,
looking for believers.
We need to stop them in their tracks
– shatter the PACs that break the backs with layered stacks.
This mockery is on a downhill slope, international punch line dope
– bending the satirical scope
– a resounding caricature – a reminder of our national failure
– flailing in the air – about to fall.
Forever linked to our nation’s history – footnotes of misery
– reality twisted in a criminal legacy
– banished to profanity – a dungeon of infamy
– Benedict Arnold, Nixon, Manson, Castro, Hitler
– smeared by death and despair, a despot without care,
blinded by fascist ambition, racist division,
civil war revision, pandemic collision – no supervision
– a meltdown of governmental scorn.

Striving for a pivot beyond R to D, encompassing a revelation of unity
– inspiring community service – honest deliverance
– flip the sanctimoniousness.
Transparency with civic pride, immunity disqualified, no more bribes,
equality for all lives
– raising our standard for leadership, aspire high
– seeking credibility with a true populist mind
– yet we must all participate, we can not abdicate
– this is the moment that we create a better state.
Involvement and awareness over carelessness
– burst the apathy coalesced, elevate the distressed.
Together we can achieve our goals and beliefs
– opening potential to dream that our world can be redeemed.

Written by: C.D Flash

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