Miami Ironside has been one of the most talked-about places for Art Basel/Miami Art Week. It presented African Contemporary Art at the highest level. The team at AfriKin, spearheaded by Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks, totally raised the bar in their execution. From Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literary Arts, and Culinary Arts, they presented an amalgam of color…not just in art, but in ethnicities that celebrated African culture for the past few days. The slogan throughout the week has been, “WOW! This place feels like home.”

Thank you to all the artists, scholars, performers, and sponsors who made this event a success! We would not have been able to deliver without their contributions, and we look forward to 2022. Always bigger and better.

Check out all the photos here, courtesy of Olga Barkar.

AfriKin Art Fair, 2021 Recap: