Despite the media spin, the Black Lives Matter Protests are not meant to be acts of aggression. The movement is here for equality and an end of discrimination. The response from the system is “No”. Peaceful protesters have a list of reforms that include calls for law enforcement accountability – and police show up in riot gear ready for battle with their badge numbers covered as they knock down, pepper spray and arrest anyone who gets in their way. This uprising in response to George Floyd’s murder was a call to end police brutality and the arrest of the officers who were responsible for his death. Yet the campaign is an active response to many victims and people across the nation have mobilized together to demand change.

So far the White House has released some weak proposals and lame executive orders, but a growing number of cities and municipalities have taken the first steps with defunding the police and systematic redirection of resources. Realistically the progression towards equality is going to be a lengthy process (already has been) and changes start with the admission that there is a problem in how African Americans are treated in the U.S. While a majority of the nation agrees with social justice for all, not everybody is there yet – particularly those within the power structure. Police brutality is the street level abuse, but segregation is ingrained in the fabric of the nation – we just share water fountains and sports teams now – money will provide access to some places, but not everywhere. Historically speaking many things have improved, but we are not as close to equality as some may believe.

Like many modern and long-standing issues, it comes down to money. African Americans have been denied financial resources since the beginning and that legacy of theft continues today. The Black Lives Matter Protests are demonstrating for equality and that includes financially as well. Now with a mass multi-cultural movement, people are unifying for economic justice in a way never seen before – and it is needed. While the calls to end police brutality are focused on the individual departments and laws, the calls for economic justice require pressure towards the banks, the real estate holders, the insurance companies and other corporate conglomerates – along with the laws that enforce fiscal discrimination. While the police may be tough, they are only the front line – the money people are the real power and that will involve solidarity on another level to break these pillars of oppression.

While public protests substantially expand the messaging for financial justice, this dynamic demands various approaches. Money and the fear of lack divides people in unique ways – it gets personal – survival is on the line – especially now. Yet to overcome these barriers, people must coalesce with a defined sense of purpose in order to extract real reforms from these historically staunch institutions. For this to happen, the movement needs to transcend into an unknown realm – people will actually have to truly unify to help others succeed economically. Strangers helping strangers – breaking the monetary walls that segregate us – this is truly revolutionary – and it is essential! While this may be framed as a black vs white issue, it is really the oppressed vs the powerful – and the vast majority of people have been subjected to the whims of the oligarches for far too long. Part of that elevation comes from the recognition that when our neighbors do well, we all improve – conversely when our neighbors are suffering, then we are all diminished.

The question becomes, “What seeds the infusion for that type of unity?” The answer is ”Love”. How do you soothe fear, lack, uncertainty and isolation? Love. While that may sound simple, it is probably the hardest challenge for the American people – because it is not fighting, it is adapting, accepting and appreciating someone other than yourself and the familiar. The truth is that we need to grow into the roles that we must live in order to become the people we need us to be – this requires societal love. If you want to spark those thoughts, you should check out the 2019 AFRIKIN: Love Is The Way Forward videos for a diverse range of insights and inspirations to take your consciousness forward. Together we are here to manifest the “impossible” – to do what has never been done – to reach beyond our own limitations and empower the world that we want to see emerge. It won’t be easy, but we see where we are now and this isn’t working – time for something new! Let love lead the way!

Written by: C.D Flash

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