When walking around, do you notice the signs?
        They are there to establish the rules defined.
Look casually and you will see,
        “No Solicitation” posted prominently.
It’s that corporate line, that I strive to glide behind,
        social subversion with some catchy designs.
Community outreach out on the streets,
        a messenger, a marketer, an activist upbeat.
A fusion of Santa and the Mad Hatter,
        sharing goodies and some insider chatter.

A card shark, shuffling for that mark,
        carrying a heavy load,
        stacked and packed on my back, I count the numbers down.
As I sling a small stash from pockets and bags,
        I look for the friendlies around.
Coupons and shows, connecting in the zones,
        familiar with those who know.
With a spark of fun and adventures to be,
        I share glimmers of music, art and novelties so sweet.

Today’s office is miles wide,
        north, south, east and west,
        back and forth, and side to side.
Door to door, and typically ground floor,
        the range is extensive, with always more in store.
With a journey so long, the energy needs to be strong,
        so a colada fuels the way.
It’s that caffeine and sugar, adding that extra vigor,
        keeping me bouncing throughout the day.

Recognized county wide,
        all part of the game,
        a movement afoot, a challenge to the mundane.
Skimming along those locked into their routines,
        I flow like a random, and slip in between.
Faces seen and smiles known,
        repeats and returns, leading to a casual tone.
In a digital world, I go person to person,
        a professional wanderer, marching through the circles.
The meaning is in the message, not the passing of papers,
        it’s for connections ensued and future encounters.
Scattering breadcrumbs across the scene,
        beacons for reunions, and those reaching for their dreams.
 From day to night, I encounter the public plight,
        so I share opportunities for amusing delights,
        like a whimsical sprite, guided by a bike light,
With the passage of time and calculated divides,
        the flyers fly away,
        lifting my mind from the geometry designs,
        as the job echoes into another day.


Written by: C.D Flash

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