The issue of racism and discrimination against people of African origin in America has been a long-standing one, dating back to the time of slavery. Despite the progress made in the modern era, it is still an unfortunate reality that many Black people face in their daily lives. However, it is important to recognize that there is hope for change, and that change can come through a shift in perspective.
One way to bring about this change is by creating safe spaces for and within the Black community. These spaces can be physical or virtual, and they provide a refuge for Black people to connect with each other and share their experiences. In these spaces, individuals can find support and understanding, which can help to alleviate the feelings of isolation and despair that often accompany the experience of terrorism from institutionalized racism.
However, it is important to recognize that creating safe spaces alone is not enough to bring about lasting change. The reality is that the target for destruction is the entire essence that makes up the Black world, and this is perpetuated by an institution designed to thrive on its demise. To truly bring about change, we must work to change the system that perpetuates racism and discrimination.
This can be done through education and advocacy. By raising awareness of the issues faced by Black people in America, we can begin to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that fuel racist attitudes. Additionally, by advocating for policies and practices that promote equality and justice, we can work to dismantle the structures that perpetuate inequality.
It is also important to recognize that perspective plays a crucial role in affecting change. When we are able to see things from a different perspective, we can begin to understand the experiences and struggles of others. This can foster empathy and compassion, which can help to bridge the divides that separate us.
In conclusion, the issue of racism and discrimination against people of African origin in America is a complex one that requires a multifaceted approach to bring about lasting change. By creating safe spaces, educating others, advocating for policy change, and shifting our perspectives, we can work towards a more just and equitable society for all.

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