Black Art has historically been underrepresented. 

But things are changing, movements are happening, and the world is (finally) opening its eyes to the beauty, the importance, and the value of Black artists and their contributions to the art world at large. 

And as the spotlight continues to shine brighter on the movement, so too does the opportunity to take advantage of it for both personal gains and the greater good overall.  Here are five reasons you should consider investing in Black Art in 2022. 

  1. It’s a good investment. Art, in general, is a wise addition to your portfolio. It’s not as susceptible to inflation, and it adds some diversity to your assets.
  2. When you invest in Black Artists, you allow them to continue creating – and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

  3. It supports the Black community. Not only is it a financial win for you,  but you’ll help establish a significant market value for “an otherwise underrecognized demographic.”

  4. Investing and supporting Black Artists is validation. According to art collector and entrepreneur Freda Isingoma: Fundamentally, art museums are shared public spaces dedicated to promoting and educating on artistic and cultural knowledge while preserving the heritage and artistic integrity of the local community. As a result, they form the foundational pillar of any cultural ecosystem. Therefore, it’s imperative that the community from which the art, the practice, and narrative originate are also the primary validators of that art.”

  5. Art collecting is a way of building cultural equity and preserving heritage.


Making Black Art part of your portfolio not only strengthens your investments and secures your financial future, but it also supports the movement at large, the artists themselves, and creates opportunities for Black artists for generations to come.

Ready to get started? Check out this Beginners Guide to Investing in Black Art.