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Eco-AfriKin strives to unite our global populace as we protect the environment from the destruction and disasters linked to climate change. Many AfriKin worldwide are fully aware of the need to enact protective measures that are crucial in saving the Earth from further deterioration.  Now we are actively engaged in eco-friendly solutions and strategies with Eco-AfriKin.

The strategy of Eco-AfriKin for an eco-friendly environment

On Earth Day 2021, Eco-AfriKin presents a comprehensive program in a workbook format that addresses many ecological and climatic change issues occurring across the globe.  To reduce the damage to the Earth from the adverse environmental effects, Eco-AfriKin offers a variety of initiatives to modify our energy policy, resource management and personal habits.  By listening to the voices of people in distant communities, we lift their concerns and needs to a broader spectrum that can offer support for their plight and create positive results.

This platform features discussions of the scientific facts that explain how deforestation, industrialization and greenhouse gases affect ecological situations.

  • Eco-AfriKin believes that these strategies are designed to preserve natural resources and these tactics can save the Earth from harmful industrial activities.  We must be active on international, national, regional and individual levels to bring the changes that are noticeable and evolutionary.
  • Different regions of the Earth have distinctive ecological conditions and problems, yet there are some basic communication and coordination strategies that can be implemented equally throughout the world.  Due to the lack of regulated protection and law enforcement, many environmental issues continue to deteriorate, but if more people work together, we can create the improvements needed!
  • Eco-AfriKin serves as a conduit connecting inspired people to contribute and participate in a productive manner as each region is shaped and continues to evolve.  AfriKin motivates activists, progressive businesses, struggling communities and influential organizations to work on the areas most ignored by a systematic paradigm.  People are starting to recognize AfriKin ways of living to be much better for the planet – as compared to the stereotyped myths narrated for far too long.
  • Earth Day 2021 is the right time to manifest a unifying approach to preserving our natural resources and energy.  As a consumer, you have the power to opt for eco-friendly products and systems that uplift the living standards of people worldwide.  Some communities just need the support to be able to afford and connect with these alternatives. Climate change is hitting the globe.

The climatic changes are increasingly apparent with every passing year.  Global warming and the intensity in extreme weather patterns are altering the Earth and shifting ecological equilibrium.  The main reasons for these planetary surges include:

  • Increased greenhouse gases

  • Expanded deforestation

  • Destruction of ecosystems

  • Destruction of marine ecosystems

  • Population increase

  • Increase in plastic production

  • Lack of recycling

  • An imbalance of corporate control

  • Lack of governmental accountability

AfriKin farmers restoration efforts

The changes in atmospheric patterns due to climatic shifts have wide-ranging effects.  In particular with agriculture, as the crops are dependent on the weather conditions in the area.  The efforts of AfriKin farmers across the globe are worth appreciating.  They have developed methods and ways to restore the damage of intense tillage while fortifying the original organic matter.  The indigenous farmers are using regenerative techniques with cover crops and species rotation to counteract the adverse effects impacting the soil.

Eco-AfriKin involves everyone in the mission

Eco-AfriKin is actively providing tools and opportunities to include eco-friendly options within a variety of fields.  By involving teachers, students, union workers, health care providers, agriculturists, business owners and industry leaders, we strive to network our connections as distant communities implement improvements within people’s lives. Now it’s time to shake the stagnation of pollution and destruction as we embrace sustainable and healthier options.  We believe that Eco-AfriKin can be a platform for strengthening the environmental, social justice and labor communities with the inclusion of a broader coalition.  While actively expanding the context of interaction, we are building on the decades of achievements as we utilize our skills for solidarity and unity.  Eco-AfriKin joins the struggle of all the brilliant people and organizations already engaged in making this world a better place to live in.Earth Day 2021 calls us to focus and provide support to each region worldwide. 

While many distant districts are still waiting for large-scale plans and strategies to preserve their natural resources, there are already small groups of individuals who are currently working to uplift their environmental status with utilitarian grassroots projects.  These endeavors include minimizing pollution and empowering efforts to mitigate the climate change problems, but they need outside recognition, investment and coordination to reach more effective rates.  Eco-AfriKin is a solidarity movement of our kin working at the forefront of at-risk communities to revolutionize global eco-consciousness.  Eco-AfriKin believes in contributions on all levels.  Hence, we have programs to engage every person willing to work for the cause and be part of the dynamic efforts.  Join us and get involved!  The world we save is our home!

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