AFRIKIN are arts events and symposiums that celebrate the ingenuity, economic, and social opportunities of our people

AFRIKIN are arts event and symposium that celebrate the ingenuity, economic, and social opportunities of our people. If you have been following our social media channels, you have heard it all: It will set a new standard, it will be one for the books, and AFRIKIN is not just another music festival. Needless to say, AFRIKIN is a new and exciting experience for festival junkies. For festival newbies, you’ll only expect the best after you attend AFRIKIN. Just saying.

Festival goers know a thing or two about what to expect at multifaceted festivals, which usually involves music, food, and art. Not to say that AFRIKIN won’t include these elements, however, there are reasons behind our boasting that you probably do not know. So, here are Team Legendary’s 5 top reasons why you MUST go to AFRIKIN:

1. Innovation

Innovation is the driving theme for AFRIKIN. This will be evident by the companies, products, influencers, and artists who are changing the game in their industries. They’ll host exhibitions, workshops and AFRIKIN Talks, and we are also providing a startup spotlight for young entrepreneurs during AFRIKIN weekend. There is a rising generation of creative-thinkers and entrepreneurs from Africa and the African diaspora, and it is our duty to provide various platforms where they can connect with other industry leaders and the general public.
2. Miami in Fall & Winter

The next AFRIKIN will be announced soon. If you are from Miami, you already know. If you are not, and you are thinking of heading to Miami for AFRIKIN, it’s our responsibility to let you know that the weather is going to be unbelievably perfect. Pack accordingly.

3. You’ll Contribute To A Worthy Cause

Proceeds from AFRIKIN will benefit Give Me Dignity, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about and provides resources for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), an issue that is prevalent in the diaspora. Ultimately, AFRIKIN is about uplifting communities, which brings us to the next reason¦

4. The Black Dollar

AFRIKIN will feature people, products, and companies that have a link to or a solid presence in Africa, or directly affects the diaspora. What does this mean? From top to bottom, left to right, everything you taste, see, hear, feel and buy will be inspired, made in, made by, or benefits the diaspora and AFRIKINS. So, in the big scheme of things, your patronage will contribute to the circulation of the mighty Black dollar.

5. You’ll Avoid Regret

Remember the time you kept waiting for that outfit you loved to go on sale, to find that they no longer had your size when it did? Or when Prince was coming to town and you decided to pass on the concert and see him next time?

As they say, you only regret the things you do not do, and as your friends, we don’t want you to ever feel such guilt ever again. With a roster of world-class musical acts (which will be revealed in September), networking opportunities with that guy you saw on Forbes, and tastings of African inspired food prepared by that chef you saw on The Food Network, we urge you to buy your pass to AFRIKIN now, or risk another coulda, shoulda, woulda.

We are looking forward to seeing you there, and remember, we told you so.

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