The world is on fire
– and the man with the sticks keeps flicking flames….
Balance lost, swamp monsters tempest tossed,
societal debris spewing rot.
We are all just collateral damage – feeding the greed machine,
a diseased dream abomination – prosperity slain, resources drained,
sold off for crony capitalism, financial schism
– bolstered with tax bracket revisions….
Now waiting for hearings, or the indictment case,
but we only get theater to replace a spine with no shape.
For far too long corruption plays a song, and the officials dance along,
puppets on a string, scripted to sing, like birds – caged and demur.
Sacred figureheads maintained – staged demeaned as a distance game,
but now we have passed beyond
– time for a reckoning, stagnation forgone.
Revolution is in the air, people pushed – dismayed despair,
abandoned yet resilient – not staying silent – growing crowds
– proud, loud and defiant!
Standing up for black lives – too many mothers cry
– officer brutality institutionalized,
casualties memorialized – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery
– legacies immortalized.
Defund the police – break up the militarized regimes
– a prison pipeline shell game scheme.
More acknowledge the threats than before, numbers are shifting
– but still, some need convincing.
The dead stacking, the storms churning, unemployment spiking
– but that’s not enough!
Policies of cruelty, empowering misogyny,
feeding narcissistic tendencies – the cult wants more!
Culture of hate bred as voice of the state, the media propagates bait
– tenderized like a bloody steak!
Partisan team base, led with hypocrisy laced, cheering for life
– with caged kids in strife.
Responsibility against the wall, teetering about to fall
– panic stricken, guns for all, liberty lost, who to call?
Lobbyists feed the narratives, while PACs stack the finances,
watch it all collapse, while the rich fortify with embezzlement traps.
Monuments of wealth, cracking consumers’ health
– still reaching for their bootstraps,
yet the establishment waits, a facade of centrist strength
– contemplating postures to capitulate,
Old school enablers, with corporate lapdog behavior
– sold out principles, like a Wall Street savior.
Now hear the voices of the upstarts break through – unbought, distraught
– the resistance true!
Grassroots congealed with aspirations real
– masses merged for the Green New Deal!
Infrastructure influx, job creator constructs,
a cohesive vision unveiled, inspirational, energy to wield
– sustainable sources, carbon neutral
– defying dollars embedded, brands grafted
– last gasps of the fossil fuel spiel
– remnants of death’s door revealed – must be sealed!
Genuine justice populists – represented unrepentant
– unified with the people equal,
Progressive wave mainstay, adopted by the fray, scared and betrayed
– looking for a new way.
Small businesses swept, left bereft – the menace of our economic limbo
– reaction traction moving too slow
– jobs and healthcare sedated, yet Medicare For All deflated
– deemed too radical, first world practical
– still denied, compromised with industry lies subsidized,
First responders unsupplied, protective gear minimized
– rationed and politicized,
yet as the plague rages on, chaos echos like a gong
– reflecting vibrations of directions gone wrong.
Fools grandstanding, praise demanding
– while not comprehending the harm done,
imminent evictions looming, food insecurity booming
– and the stimulus checks didn’t come!
The post office in peril, with election efficiency foiled
– vigilant history discarded with fascism lauded!
Now as we struggle to stop the voter purges,
the last bastions of authority surges,
unmarked troopers scooping civilians, real life villains
– an imperialistic domain,
witness illegal orders choked, shaded in tear gas smoke
– humanity’s stain skewed in pain!
The media arrested and beaten, Constitutional protections receded
– shown for all to see, live on tv!
2020 Endgame – broadcast ratings, reality show shame!!!
Is this democracy’s final season? Will electors listen to reason?
Does the epilogue include treason?
No time to hesitate – the United States’ fate is at stake!
The lineage of our nation cannot wait!
Patriots rebel, while fascists incarcerate! Raise your voice!
Do YOU fold or motivate? Decide today!

Written by: C.D Flash

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